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Woman Meets Cow. Fact Meets Fiction

Okay, so Ardis and I went to Dawn Creations in Lanesville, on St. John’s Church Road, just behind Zabel’s Hardware. At Dawn Creations, we had home-made soup, sub sandwiches and home-made lemon cake (all GOOD). The coffee was outstanding.

Anyway, we were leaving and started talking to the owner/baker, Dawn Clifton, and she turns out to be The Lady With The Cow In Her Kitchen! A couple of years ago, I wrote a story called “Home on the Range” for the Southern Indiana Writers Group’s anthology, IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING, based (very loosely) on a newspaper article about a cow that invaded a woman’s baking kitchen. This area being the way it is, I knew it was only a matter of time before I met her, and yesterday was the day.

She was very good-natured about it, and blessed us with a blow-by-blow personal account of what happened. SHE ought to be a writer–the way she told the story, which must have been harrowing at the time, had us holding our sides, laughing. She’s also a good cook and a lovely person.

Here she is, standing next to Dale the Whale–er, I mean me.


Today, I’m going back by the restaurant to take her a copy of the book with the cow story in it. To read the article in The Corydon Democrat about What Really Happened, click here.

To read an excerpt of the story, click here.



Keep It Clean

Okay, we got a hit on this blog from somebody doing a search for “sex on leather couch”. That is SO not what we’re about! Do you know know that your search terms show up on our Dashboard for all of us to see and mock?

Just because one of our titles is UNBRIDLED LUST…. All the stories are no hotter than PG, most are more like G. You could read them to your maiden aunt and not raise a blush on her withered cheek. I believe that it’s one of the titles currently only available at booksignings.

Fortunately, we’re doing two booksignings the first part of this year:

April 25 at 4 pm at Destinations Booksellers

May 30 from 1-4 pm at Harrison County Library

We’ll also have our GHOSTS ON THE SQUARE anthology and this year’s anthology, MOST WANTED.

Hope to see you, but just forget about the couch thing, ‘k?



Santa Comes to SIW

We met last night for our annual Christmas party. Despite the absence of some treasured members, the rest of us carried on courageously. Everybody brought something to eat and a present that cost no more than $5. It’s amazing what you can find for under $5 or stuck in a closet or something.



We ate and talked and ate and talked and ate and talked. Then this loudmouth said, “It’s after eight. If we’re going to do the presents, we’d better get to it.” Joy tore some paper into strips and numbered them and put them into a container and we passed them around. Then we ate and talked some more. So this loudmouth says, real loud, “Who has number one?” Carl said, “I do.” After a pause of about three beats, this loudmouth says, “Pick a present!” So Carl gets up and starts hefting them to test their weight, shaking them, sniffing them…. So this loudmouth says, “TONIGHT, Carl.” After that, it went pretty quickly. Presents greeted with delight included: a dry-erase magnetic board for noting story ideas, a favorite book passed along to a new reader, and a “lump of coal” (chocolate) in an elegant glass candy dish.

A phone call came from one of our absent ones, so we got to say hi, anyway.

A fine time was had by all. We’re looking forward to the new year, with new projects and plans.

Happy Holidays, from St. Nicholas’ day through Epiphany and so on. Or, as Buzz Lightyear would say, “To Epiphany… and beyond!

–The Loudmouth

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Halloween on the Square

On Saturday, October 25, 2008, the Southern Indiana Writers participated in Corydon, Indiana’s 200th birthday Halloween on the Square celebration. We wrote ghost stories set in and around Corydon, including seven set at landmark locations around the square. On the afternoon of the 25th, Leah Porter led a Ghost Walk to each of the locations, where volunteers read the story for that location. Listeners were invited–nay, encouraged–to finish up outside Cafe on the Square, where SIW members were waiting to sell copies of GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE–AND ELSEWHERE and other SIW anthologies.

Here is SIW member Joanna Foreman’s report, along with pictures:

The Ghost walk began on time at 4PM with Leah and her staff having already situated themselves at the settings. They had first gone off into the crowd to drum up business ahead-of-time. Leah led the group (writers Joanna, Bonnie, Teddi, Glenda and Ardis in tow, along with quite a few others. I forgot to count. The crowd traveled to each location where the stories were read, and we ended at Star Cleaners. Leah had the readers prepared by giving them hard copies of the stories, and they each had a stool to sit on, and an easel with a nice sign with the story name and the author on it. Trick-or-treat candy was given out after the readings at some of the locations. The woman who narrated Joy’s story was so dramatic, the audience shivered with delight! That lady was a real actress, although in reality she teaches fourth grade.

I set up at Noon with Craig’s help (Thank God for him!) and the guy in Magdalena’s offered the sidewalk if we’d prefer. It was warm then, so we set up there. Then a cloud-cover came, wind began to blow, and everyone else came in around 1:00 with more table and chairs, books, etc…and we had all the books laid out with a good turn-out as far as sales go. We opted not to set up inside due to the good visibility we were having, and lots of people were coming over to our table all the time. We sold probably 10 or 11 Ghost books, and a few re-prints, maybe 3? I’m not sure. The entire thing was a fabulous success as far as I’m concerned. Sounds like we had a successful weekend all the way around. GO US!





Signing Song

We’re heading back to Nashville
To read and sign our books.
Y’all come on out and see us
And give us fishy looks.
October’s great in Nashville
With Autumn leaves red hot.
The 4th from 1 to 4, y’all,
and The Book Loft is the spot.

Before we go to Nashville,
we’ll be in Lou-is-ville.
September 4 at seven
Carmichael’s gets the thrill.
I mean the one on Frankfort
Not Bardstown (that’s too small)
Come on and hear us reading.
Buy one book–BUY THEM ALL!

This has been a public service announcement and not an attempt to drum up business oh no not at all we would never stoop to that classy bunch that we are.

BTW, check our Calendar page for more signing/appearance dates.


What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

We’ve been having a blast this summer. We went to ConGlomeration SF convention in Louisville, Kentucky, where we schmoozed with old friends and new, and had readings/signings at the Harrison County, Indiana Library and Widdershins (now Gaia’s Spiral) gift shop in Louisville.

Then there was our field trip, which was like calling the James Gang’s Great Northfield, Minnesota Bank Robbery a field trip. We met in Clarksville, Indiana and carpooled. Joy gave us “mood pencils” that change color with temperature, so that held up the works for about a quarter of an hour while we played with those. Then we sorted ourselves out and piled into cars like so many Keystone Kops and took off. We blew into Nashville, Indiana like an ill wind. Here is our mug shot:



This will be on the cover of our official 2008 anthology, MOST WANTED.

After we made bail, we took over the Hob Nob and wolfed down a wagon-load of vittles and moseyed around the corner to The Book Loft and left some of our anthologies for sale. When ten hard-bitten characters like us start milling around your store muttering things like, “Nice little place you got here. Be a shame if something BAD happened to a nice little place like this…,” you stock whatever they hand you. heh heh heh

Now we’re making plans to hit Columbus, Ohio’s Context spec-fic lit convention in September. The fun never stops.


Library Signing

We (some of us) gathered at the Harrison County Public Library on May 17, 2008 with books and babble. Had a great time. If you weren’t there, you shoulda been! Check the Calendar page on this blog or the Home page of our website to see when our next signing will be.

SIW at HCPL May 17, 2008

SIW at HCPL May 17, 2008

Glenda goofs off

“Friends don’t let friends write drunk.” — Ginny Fleming