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We Make It To Madison

Yesterday we took a pleasant road trip to Madison to deliver lots of books for our signing scheduled for January 15. I drove, and T. Lee, Marian and Samantha rode along. Frank, the owner, made a list of every book, how many we had, and what he would pay us when they sell. He is a cheerful and professional bookstore owner and he said he’s really looking forward to having us there. He asked how many might be there because his wife plans to bring refreshments.

It’s an easy 45 minutes from Clarksville, straight over to Highway 62. He’s having his fifth anniversary on March 19 and asked if we’d like to be a part of a bookfair he’s having. The entire time we were in his store, people were coming and going, buying books. He carries mostly used paperbacks and he LOVES books. You can donate your old paperbacks to him if you’d like, or he can trade them for you.

It should be fun. The rain (snow and ice) date is January 22. Does everyone plan to attend?



Halloween on the Square

We put up our display in front of Magadalena’s Cafe on the Square, as arranged. Yes, it was chilly, but not too bad. We sold and signed books, passed out our brochures, enjoyed watching people, and schmoozed with anybody who stopped by. We petted a rat. A real one, but a tame one, not a wild one, and a very pretty rat it was, too.

One couple we met were the Alstotts. They’ve recently bought a building on the square in Corydon, with plans to turn it into an independent bookstore within two years. They want to feature local and regional writers, and we were delighted to swap information with them.

During a break in the festivities, we filled in by reading Joy Kirchgessner’s story “Hungry” from GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE…AND ELSEWHERE…. When the story was over, the reader asked a young listener if the story scared him. “No,” he said. Then, apparently consumed with honesty, he said, “…Well, a little.” Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaa!

Our roving photographer took this hideous picture of a clown (what else?) in front of the Tent of Horror. Some people don’t care what they do to innocent children.


Here is a picture of T Lee Harris in her Renaissance costume, reacting to the news that there was a clown in the vicinity. With apologies to King David: Yea, though we walk through the valley of the Tent of Horror, we will fear no blue-haired clowns, for T is with us. Her whacking big stick, it comforts us.


We packed up and left before the parade. As usual, a fine time was had by all.

Only one more appearance scheduled for the group this year, as listed on our calendar.



Nashville Signing

Five members of Southern Indiana Writers went up to Nashville, Indiana in Brown County to sign and sell books at The Book Loft: Joanna Foreman (driver), Marian Allen, T. Lee Harris, Joy Kirchgessner and Bonnie Abraham. Those who couldn’t attend signed GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE–AND ELSEWHERE at the meeting before the trip.

One of the churches was having a street festival beginning right next door to The Book Loft. One might hope that this would draw foot traffic into the store, but one would be wrong. Lured by free music, face painting, silent auctions, cheap food, jumble sales and books by the box, people passed us in droves. Joy and Joanna stood outside and shilled, passing out the GORGEOUS brochures that Joanna produced, and we did get some customers. Under the circumstances, we were not displeased, and we had fun, as always. Met a lot of really nice and interesting people, too, which is always a plus for a writer.

Bonnie taught Marian how to make the string figure “The Seagull”, but Marian can’t remember how to do it without Bonnie leading her through it, step by step.

Our next appearance is a split bill: Some of us will be at Corydon’s Halloween on the Square some time on October 24th and T. Lee Harris and Marian Allen will be in Muncie at the mystery convention Magna cum Murder on October 24-26.


Signing Song

We’re heading back to Nashville
To read and sign our books.
Y’all come on out and see us
And give us fishy looks.
October’s great in Nashville
With Autumn leaves red hot.
The 4th from 1 to 4, y’all,
and The Book Loft is the spot.

Before we go to Nashville,
we’ll be in Lou-is-ville.
September 4 at seven
Carmichael’s gets the thrill.
I mean the one on Frankfort
Not Bardstown (that’s too small)
Come on and hear us reading.
Buy one book–BUY THEM ALL!

This has been a public service announcement and not an attempt to drum up business oh no not at all we would never stoop to that classy bunch that we are.

BTW, check our Calendar page for more signing/appearance dates.