LeafIn alphabetical order, we are:

Bonnie Abraham, after twenty-five plus years of writing letters disqualifying people from Unemployment Benefits, retired in order to write something more pleasant. In between knitting shawls and socks, she writes short stories (many with Biblical themes), poetry and devotionals and is currently working on a fantasy novel. She now resides in Corydon with her mother’s ghost.

Marian Allen has had poetry and short stories published in small anthologies, in on-line magazines, print magazines, on electronic disk, on the labels of coffee cans and on the wall of an Indian restaurant. Free stories, surrealist poetry, recipes and food history columns can be viewed at Marian Allen’s Fiction Site, MarianAllen.com.

Jeannine Baumgartle writes poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in publications such as Literally, the newsletter for Writers’ Center of Indianapolis, The Flying Island, Studio, a journal of Christians Writing (an Australian publication), Alive Magazine, and several volumes of Southern Indiana Writers’ Indian Creek Anthology. She was twice selected to read at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and received a weekend residency at Mary Anderson Center for the Arts for her poetry.

Ginny Fleming considers herself to be foremost a screenwriter, as this is her favorite media. Because nobody thought to tell her she couldn’t, after optioning 3 scripts for the unsold ensemble sitcom “Tia” (any producers reading this?), Fleming dived head-first into the shark-infested mulligan stew (How’s that for mixing metaphors?) that is Hollywood scriptwriting. Her romantic comedy scripts can be previewed at The Spec Script Library, Writer’s Market, and Writers.Net. Fleming’s take on hysterical fantasy (funny, that is), a novel she likes to call Dragonsayver (when she’s not calling it Melvin), is a “Shrek-like” novel just begging to be made into an animated film (Fleming wonders if she should shove a tin cup in its hand and drop it on a busy intersection….). Besides her annual contribution to SIW anthology and a brief appearance in the Louisville Courier Journal, Fleming is busy finding a home for Keys of Illusion, a Romantic/Suspense novel filled with magic, scuba, fantasy, a bunch of lavender stuff and little bit of sex. Multiple scripts are always in the works whenever Fleming manages to “channel” Jimmy Buffett, her “Muse” (Yeah, she knows Jimmy’s not dead — Hopes for his continued good health, in fact — That just makes him easier to channel).

Joanna Foreman loves to write fiction and slice-of-life vignettes, She is currently hard at work on a memoir about her youth spent in a religion with extremely tight rules and boundaries. She has written one novel, set on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. Her collection of ghost stories, Ghosts of Interstate 65, was published in 2008, and she is methodically putting together a second ghost story book based on true tales her readers have told her while attending book signings with the first ghost book! Joanna invites you to visit her web site, www.joannaforeman.com

Mary Gehant-Lagunez was born in Duluth, Minnesota, and has lived most of her life in Louisville, Kentucky. She is a graduate (French Literature) of Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. She now calls New Albany, Indiana, home, and has a second home in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She worked in the promotion department of WHAS, Inc. The last assignment she had was as promotion writer, handling publicity for all three stations and the stations’ chief public service program, the WHAS Crusade for Children. Gehant-Lagunez then served in the Public Information Department for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In that capacity, she covered many state programs and meetings, writing news releases for Kentucky newspapers and broadcasters. She is married to Dr. Mario Lagunez, who is retired from the faculty of Purdue University. She is currently editing a book for George M. Wolverton, M.D.

Dirk Griffin, also known as The Invisible Man. Dirk is seldom among us in reality, but reality has never been our strong suit, anyway. His contributions are always appreciated, and his presence is unflaggingly sought by the group, his family, a passel of friends, a gaggle of enemies, creditors, and a plethora of nodding acquaintances. He has written theatre reviews for Arts Kentuckiana, had a script produced for Public Access Television, and has written music/lyrics and/or scripts for several musicals. Bunbury Theatre of Louisville, Kentucky, selected one of Griffin’s plays to include in their 2001 15th Anniversary 15 Minute Play Festival, where Rick Mattingly of LEO Magazine called it “one of the strongest plays in the festival.”

T Lee Harris is a writer and illustrator who has been a lover of mystery and the detective genre since discovering books. A graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, T has been involved with radio production, game design, comic books and desktop publishing. Interests include participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism and Renaissance Faires, tailoring authentic costuming for re-enactors and playing online role playing games. Several novels are in progress featuring Sitehuti and Nefer-Djenou-Bastet, Josh Katzen and a series set in ninth century Ireland.

Jane Jones truly has her head in the clouds. (She lives so high on a hill she can see the Thunder-Over-Louisville fireworks from 40 miles away.) She shares her aerie with three dogs, seven horses, and a herd of cats. She’s been a legal secretary for twenty-plus years and uses writing to escape from the long-winded legalese she deals with daily. She writes romantic adventures and paranormal fiction and is currently working on the final installment of a three-novel series.

Joy Kirchgessner is a business woman, illustrator and writer. Her paintings were recently on tour with the Kentucky National Art and Wildlife Exhibition. She shares her home with her husband and two horses.

George Lopez is a practicing architect, a construction specifications writer, and figurative sculptor. His profession obliges him to travel extensively, exposing him to a diversity of people and circumstances. George draws upon these experiences for his fiction writing. He is currently marketing several short stories, and is marketing a novel while working on his next. His next what, he hesitates to say.

Glenda Mills resides with her husband, three children, four dogs, a cat, various hamsters, turtles, frogs and fish in Floyd County, IN. When she is not busy being a “stay-at-home” mom, which is seldom, she enjoys writing poetry, non-fiction and fiction. Her work crosses genres and presently includes short stories, poems, a finished manuscript on an introspective look at the miscarriage of her child, and an unfinished manuscript of a “slightly” psychotic female serial killer. She firmly believes that variety is the spice of life.

Ardis Moonlight quite naturally is a fan of the moon and stars, and finally can see it all in Harrison County, a plus after 32 years in Louisville! A poet with poems published in several issues of “Calliope”, an anthology published yearly by Women Who Write, she is also trying her imagination with short stories, and….gasp…considering a novel!

Carl Page, an attorney and bank human resources director, is currently seeking a publisher for his recently completed novel:  a thriller about a bank CEO who is blackmailed into assisting a Hezbollah cell with money laundering.

Teddi Robinson, widowed for several years, is spending her time doing the things she always dreamed of doing. She has taken several creative writing classes and has (With a lot of encouragement) just published her first book, The Meddlers. She is currently at work polishing the sequel for publication before the end of 2008.

Carole Wyatt is the template for the ADHD writer–starting many novels–finishing one. She serves as a contributing writer to The Dollar Stretcher Magazine and staff member for Novelspot.com. Currently in the works, she has “Passing Jesus By”, a holiday poem in Alive Now Magazine. Her short story “Pet Conspiracy” will be out this year in HumorPress Anthology. “Angels in the Garden” will be in the Divine Intervention anthology out in 2008.


1 Response to “About”

  1. 1 Carole Wyatt
    December 27, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Hi All,

    Your website looks great! I especially like the cat pictures. Great work ya’all. I lost my yahoo account due to slipping memory. Obviously I couldn’t remember my username or password.I thought SIW had a yahoo groups account, but I was unsure–slipping memory again.LOL. If so could I be invited back? I love hearing about your triumphs. Miss your super delicious and fun Christmas parties. Season Greetings to all.

    By the way, I am now working at a haunted school, excellent story material. Young girl ghost strolls through the classrooms. I haven’t seen her, but even the security service has her voice on audio. Spooky.

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