Happenings–Then and Now

On the evenings of October 2 and 3, members of SIW participated in Corydon’s Unsavory Past, a recreation of hair-raising happenings unearthed and compiled by C.M. Keasling of the Hoosierunsavorypast100209 Elm Chapter of the DAR. We used her compilations as inspiration for our stories in GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. Ms. Keasling and her cohort Sharon Uhl were there, too, selling copies of the DAR books.

Here is a picture of some of us. Nevertheless, we sold some books and so did the DAR, so we were all pleased with the event and hope to participate again next year.

Coming up is a marathon reading at the Hawksview Gallery and Cafe in southern Louisville. We’ll be there on Friday the 16th for the dinner crowds–5-9–and again on Saturday 17th for lunch–11:30-3–and again for the dinner hours. Reservations are recommended. We’ll be reading from and signing/selling whatever books we have currently in print, including GHOSTS, NOVEL INGREDIENTS (stories followed by relevant recipes) and MOST WANTED (stories of crimes and desires).

Y’all come!


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